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Are all cardboard boxes created equal...? - No!  You want to ensure your carefully crafted cider or ale is displayed and protected, so choose Bag-in-Box products from GT Online, a branch of Graham Tyson and Taylor Davis, packaging experts for over 40 years.
So, what's special about GT Online Bag-in-Box cardboard boxes?

If you're into the specs, they're: 175KW BC 200T 150FS or 175KW B 200T.
What this means, is that they are of superior strength and quality.

Here comes the science bit:

When a standard sheet of corrugated cardboard is made, it has 3 components.

These are:
- A layer of paper; Outer liner
- One sheet of corrugated or 'fluted' material
- A layer of paper; Inner liner

Each side of the fluted material is glued to the flat paper liner during manufacture, fixing the flutes in position and adding rigidity and stability.

With double walled material, it is possible to combine one or more flutes to create a grade such as an 'EB' or 'BC' flute. This can offer a rigid structure perfect for heavier items, whilst also allowing an improved aesthetic outer appearance and printing surface.

Graham Tyson 10 and 20 litre boxes are made with a 'BC' flute. 

This is a double wall; approximately 7mm in thickness, providing:

- Excellent compression strength
- A high-quality surface for printing
- Superior crush resistance

Being 6mm to 7mm in thickness, this double wall material, combining both B and C flutes together, gives a good all-round performance, making it common for producing shipping boxes that offer a higher level of transit protection.

(More specs - B-Flute typically has a total of 47 flutes per linear foot including a thickness of 1/8
th and C-flute has 39 flutes per linear foot and a thickness of 3/16th s)

This cardboard outer packaging ensures exceptional protection and presentation.
Teamed with our beverage bags, sporting genuine VitopSmurfit® taps, a superior dispenser, this combination ensures extended shelf life.

A superior way to protect and display your craft efforts.

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